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"Ein Stein" Live - 10.11.2017

Next concert:

Electro vs. Metal Night
Conspiria (Symphonic Gothic Metal),
La Magra (Horror Electro) and
Wyst (Harsh Medieval Electro)
in EAC in Freiberg.


Dear fans and followers,
unfortunately we have to inform you that Jacky leaves EXAUDI.
Due to her commitment at Cocomico Theater in musical 'Conni – Das Schul-Musical' there is no time left for rehearsing and playing gigs on stage with EXAUDI.
We wish her all the best for her future!
We want to thank Jacky for her time with us and everything she contributed – musically and personally.

Here is a little 'thank-you'-video for Jacky!

But… the dream isn't over yet… stay tuned…

Dear friends, fans and visitors of our website, we wish you a happy new year!!!

Because of a massive injury of the vocalist from Null Positiv the concert on 2018-11-23 in Club From Hell in Erfurt is canceled.
We wish Elli Berlin all the best, power and an early recovery!