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Past shows:

2019-03-23 EAC Freiberg
Conspiria (Symphonic Gothic Metal),
La Magra (Horror Electro) and
Wyst (Harsh Medieval Electro)
2018-06-22 Alte Feuerwache Bad Nauheim
with Conspiria, Molllust and Düsterlust
2018-02-10 Reithalle Dresden
with Morlas Memoria and Dream of Arcadia
2018-01-28 Ghostline Südbahnhof Chemnitz
with Drac Noroc and Wyst
2017-11-10 Leipzig, Halle 5 SPH Bandcontest
2017-09-09 Leipzig, Halle 5 SPH Bandcontest
2017-06-23 4rooms Leipzig
SPH Bandcontest
2017-03-03 Bärenzwinger Dresden
SPH Bandcontest
2016-10-21 Studentenclub Wu5 Dresden
with Drac Noroc
2016-04-08 Kraftwerk Dresden-Industriegelände with Woke Up In Hospital, Unseen Faith (DK) and Bon Voyage
2008-04-26 Elements Of Rock - Festival in Uster (Switzerland)
2006-09-30 OC de Croone Proven (Belgium) with Morphia (NL), Shadows Of Paragon (SWE), Willow's Whisper (B) and Blooddrift (B)
2006-09-29 Villa 29 (Het Stedsj) Barneveld (The Netherlands) with Morphia (NL), Cutting Daisy (NL) and Shadows of Paragon (SWE)
2006-09-22 Beseda Club Decin-Bela (Czech Republic) with Projevy radosti (CZ), Maranatha (CZ) and Saron (CZ)
2006-07-15 Saxstock 2006 in Frauenhein (Germany)
2005-12-03 Nordpark Aarau (Switzerland) with Disobedience (CH) and AWAS (D)
2005-03-05 Heavy Duty Dresden (Germany) with Sacrificium (D)
2004-10-16 De Kei in Ede (The Netherlands) with Sacrificium, BrainFAQ and Anticipation
2004-08-21 Quasimodo Zittau (Germany) with Antidemon (Brazil)
2004-04-24 Headbanger Tharandt (Germany) with Red Ink
2004-04-17 Strömungsmaschine Pirna (Germany) with Marthyr and Ardor Ira
2004-03-20 Elements Of Rock - Festival in Uster (Switzerland)
2004-03-17 Bärenzwinger Dresden (Germany) with Amboss
2003-10-11 ZV Bunker Chemnitz (Germany) with Kultheit
2003-08-30 1. Fuchxstein Open Air Schönheide (Germany) with Anticipation and Iridium
2003-08-08 Quasimodo Zittau (Germany) with Drottnar (Norway) and Antidemon (Brazil)
2003-04-11 ZV-Bunker Chemnitz (Germany) with Waterfall, Imbued and Manhattan Gandhi
2003-06-05 Gothic Christ II Leipzig (Germany) with Virgin Black (Australia) and Dead Turns Alive