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EXAUDI - photo shoot 2017-06-24



"Lauf der Zeit" Live - 2016-04-08


Some pictures of our gig on 2017-11-10 in Leipzig, Halle 5 are online!
Many thanks to Marcel Maier for the beautiful pictures! Click here :-)

EXAUDI 10.11.2017

Many thanks for your support on the SPH Bandcontest.
For us the journey ends here!
Congratulations to the victories Black Book.

EXAUDI - Halle 5, Leipzig 10.11.2017  

Here the date for our gig on SPH-Pre-Finale! We play on 2017-11-10 in Halle 5 in Leipzig.

EXAUDI 2017-11-10 Halle 5 Leipzig

Many thanks to the super SPH-team, the Halle 5-team and to our fans!!! We are happy and we see us on the Pre-Finale!!!
More information will be uploaded soon here and on Facebook.
And here first pictures.

EXAUDI Halle 5 Leipzig

Only one week to our gig on SPH-Regionalfinale on 2017-09-09 in Halle 5 in Leipzig.

EXAUDI 2017-09-09 Halle 5 Leipzig

We are in the SPH Regionalfinals!
Our Show is on the 09.09.2017 in Leizig, Halle 5. Safe the date and order your tickets online:kontakt[at]exaudi-metal.de or on Facebook.

We joined a Song contest.
Please vote for us on HOFA Songcheck. And share the link: https://songcheck.hofa.de/song/1831/
Many thanks!

Some new live pictures of our concert in 4rooms in Leipzig!
Many thanks to Susan Janetzki!

EXAUDI 4rooms Leipzig

The first pictures of our photo shoot are now online. :-)
Many thanks to Alexander Reichelt! Click here, to find more pictures within the next days.

EXAUDI bandphoto

Today we finally had our first photo shooting with the new band members. :-)

Many thanks to the SPH-team, the 4rooms-team and to our fans!!! We had a great show and passed to the Regionalfinale!!!
Save the date in September! More information will be uploaded soon here and on Facebook.

Now you can hear EXAUDI
on SoundCloud !!! Please visit us on SoundCloud and like us :-)

This is our new bass player Basti!
We gonna rock it!